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Just Plane Smart! Activities For Kids In The Air And On The Ground

Just Plane Smart Activities For Kids


ISBN: 0070595984
Author: Ed Sobey

Presents activities, riddles, trivia, puzzles and more related to airplane travel.
Just Plane Smart is a must own book. The author is Ed Sobey and it was published in May of 1998 by McGraw-Hill. The child's book has 96 pages and it is stuffed with black and white pictures. The book accentuates Games, Games for travelers, Air travel and Aeronautics. For the best deal on this book and various other b, click on the market add to cart button below.

parents dreading the fidgeting and whining that usually accompany household airplane travel will welcome this unique new collection of at-the-seat activities. is packed with fascinating facts, funny cartoons and riddles, brain-teasing puzzles, and high-flying things to complete. From designing your own airport to finding your way inside the sky. Lap-sized, lighthearted, humorously illustrated, this fun-filled travel companion will stretch kids' imaginations, satisfy their curiosity, and preserve them occupied--at 30,000 feet or at house on the ground. from crossing time zones to understanding jet lag. from who's inside the cockpit to what's inside the black box. Just Plane Smart!


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