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Planes At The Airport

Planes At The Airport


ISBN: 0439564166
Author: Peter Mandel

Do you need to purchase a children's book? Buy a copy of Planes At The Airport by Peter Mandel. Written by Peter Mandel and it is published by Cartwheel. This child's book was released around March of 2004. The book is mostly about Airplanes as well as Helicopters and it is thought of as incredibly good juvenile literature. At the Dewey Decimal Classification number is T. The children's book is 8 pages long and it has colorfully illustrated pictures. Cartwheel books.

Commercial jets, freight planes, prop planes, helicopters, and more! At the airport there are in-the-gate planes. There are spinning prop planes, parachute drop planes, and barely heard planes. On the tarmac there are full-of-freight planes. This one loads with mail. This one particular is your plane."" And at the playground, there are rubber-band planes. This one blinks its lights.


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